The lighting technology keeps developing. This way efficient LED- and energy saving lamps have been replacing the until recently commonly used old light bulbs.
The problem is, however, that dimming LED or energy saving lamps with analogue control devices results in flickering or unsteady dimming. As there is a variety of installations, even professionals find it difficult to provide a compatible combination.
The solution to this problem has been offered by manufacturers of electric installations Feller, Gira, Jung, Merten, Schneider Electric and lighting manufacturers OSRAM and Radium, as well Integrated device manufacturr Dialog Semiconductor. Together they formed an open industry standard LEDOTRON, which defines the future of digital dimming! The innovative dimming and controlling technology puts an end to compatibility issues and introduces a new era in lighting comfort.


LEDOTRON at the Light+Building 2014

Experience LEDOTRON live at the Light+Building in Frankfurt am Main fair, the largest exhibition of lighting and construction technology in the world! Between 30th  March 2014 and 4th April 2014 Lighting manufacturers OSRAM and RADIUM as well as manufacturers of electric installations Gira, Jung, Schneider Electric and Merten are presenting their open industry standard LEDOTRON. Diverse presentations will give the international visitors an eagle view on the LEDOTRON solutions and constantly growing assortment of lighting means. We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Dialog Semiconductor becomes a new member of the LEDOTRON partnership

Integrated device manufacturer Dialog Semiconductor acquires a new strategic partner. Due to their Know-how Dialog Semiconductor expands their spectrum of possible usage scenarios to the area of integrated controls and systems. This way LEDOTRON partnership acquires an additional potential in the lighting electric device market.
Last year Dialog Semiconductor manufacturer grew at the 50% rate, which makes them one of the fastest growing companies in the LED lighting, energy management and Short Range Low Power Communication area.


Dimming is becoming digital

The innovative dimming and control technology says goodbye to the compatibility problems between control devices and bulbs – in future, dimming will be defined digitally!
LEDOTRON was developed because analogue dimming technologies cannot be sufficiently optimised, in order to regulate LED and energy-saving bulbs in the future in a proper manner and in compliance with standards. Dimmers should therefore be replaced by LEDOTRON control units which send digital control information directly over the existing mains line to the LEDOTRON bulbs. Digital control of LEDOTRON lighting opens the new era of light comfort.


Digital works better

LEDOTRON control units send digital control information directly to the LEDOTRON bulb via the existing power lines. The built-in ballasts capture the information and convert it into functions for more lighting comfort.

Easy installation

Users want safe, easy-to-install and immediately deployable dimming solutions. LEDOTRON provides these.
The new, digital regulating and dimming technology has been available exclusively from specialist dealers since July 2012 onwards. The installation itself is not an elaborate undertaking, since the information can be sent digitally over existing power lines. The specialist only needs to replace the controller in the wall and the bulb with LEDOTRON solutions.

LEDOTRON – products

A lighting plan for all applications.
Light has many facets, which is reflected in the LEDOTRON lighting offer. The wide offer presents skilful solutions for various lighting scenarios in different forms, Watt and Lumen power. The offer begins with efficient energy saving lamps and continues to LEDs, which use up to 90% less energy than conventional light bulbs.

Safe future

Switching and dimming, programming of light scenarios or design of entire colour choreographies: Time and again, users are fascinated by what can already be done and by what is achievable in the near future.
With LEDOTRON there is now a standard which can fully exploit all of these possibilities, also with the modern LED and energy-saving bulbs – and moreover, which is also extensible and sustainable. So using LEDOTRON colour control devices and LEDOTRON LED RGB bulbs, one will set the brightness of the individual colours red, green, blue and white, and can even retrieve entire pre-programmed colour scenarios.

LEDOTRON convinces with powerful arguments

Benefits for users

LEDOTRON controls the brightness and will also regulate the light colour in future with appropriate bulbs.
LEDOTRON can be operated comfortably and complies with all required standards.
LEDOTRON is easy to install and immediately usable.
LEDOTRON uses the existing wiring and needs no mortising or plastering.
LEDOTRON creates operational reliability, even in combination with unsuitable components.
LEDOTRON provides exemplary future expandability as an industry standard.

100 % security

100 % security during first purchase!
100 % security during installation!
100 % security during use!
100 % security with the guarantee!
100 % security when buying new bulbs!
100 % security also with future new developments!

LEDOTRON for professionals

LEDOTRON control devices and lighting is distributed exclusively via specialised stores and dealers. Competent consulting and professional installation can only be guaranteed here.